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#SQFT 13: Why debt lenders say no to property developers – 8 steps to make funding easier

With every deal appraisal we see at SquareFoot Capital – there is an opportunity for financial engineering; making your deal more profitable or de-risked by correct structuring of a spreadsheet. Typically, this results is easier debt lending and at a lower cost – so more profit to you. Despite the property market being on its […]

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#SQFT 12: Have you got the best deal? How to increase profit in property development.

Guest post for our partner, Squarefoot Capital – Where property developers raise debt and equity funding.   With every deal appraisal, we break down each element in the following methods to assess firstly if it is viable. Secondly, how we can financially engineer it to increase profitability before raising debt and equity as required for the […]

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#SQFT 11: Ten things you need to get bank funding in property development

Bank funding is a complex process but necessity in raising debt for any property development deal. The biggest flaw in the marmet is that there is no manner to learn about bank funding other than trial and error. This might mean a few small embarrasments at learning how the  process woks but could mean huge […]

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#SQFT 10: Effective sales and marketing of your development

Experience Sierra Whiskey has sold in the region of 20 properties to date. We have been fortunate enough to break price records on a number of streets in the area that we focus on. This has been in good times and bad and for no specific reason other than our aim to deliver properties that […]

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#SQFT 8: Establishing Your Property Company

Experience Over the years, we have set up many property companies which are effectively known as SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles). Though complicated sounding, this simply means a company set up to hold an asset (in this case a property), and be dissolved on the sale of it. The reason SPVs are preferable is because lenders prefer […]

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#SQFT 7: Getting Your Scheme Built

Past Experience As of June 2017, we have been involved in around 15 schemes in Central London – which when writing it, does not sound like a lot. Given that each scheme probably takes at least 18 months however and the fact that earlier on – progress is and was only linear (i.e. One, then […]

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#SQFT 6: Applying for and gaining the right planning permissions

Our Experience Over the last 14 years, we have been involved in multiple development projects in Central London – predominantly in Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) and Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF). All developments have been relatively straight-forward with regard to planning permissions, so as to reduce risk wherever possible. Such alterations have included side returns, loft extensions […]

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#SQFT 5: Establishing your development costs and structuring your team

Experience Your spreadsheet is King, and must be worshipped. The correctly laid out spreadsheet is the difference between being taken at all seriously or not by banks and investors so the better it looks, the more informative it is and the easier to read – the better chance you have of raising funding for your deal. At […]

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#SQFT 4: Searching, Evaluating and Acquiring a site for Development and Profit

Searching, Evaluating and Acquiring sites is a constant filter. We must endless searchng and enough spreadsheets to make us go cross-eyed in order to hopefully make an acquisition – and as soon as that acquisition is made, we must repeat. Ad nauseam. This part of property development is undeniably the most imperative – it is the sales element […]

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#SQFT 3: How to find a deal – look for angles that others miss

The house on the nice street that hasn’t been touched for years and is going through probabte is not what we are looking for. This is an outdated and lazy attempt at property development. Outdated because this used to work, in a rising market. Now however, very little value is available on the open market […]

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