Sierra Whiskey is a real estate business focused on property development and investment. 

Our years of experience and knowledge are in a very local property market and its related activity; as such we offer substantial transparency in our investment model and personal input as to investment returns and market knowledge. We do not promote ourselves for investment as we give a niche service in a restricted industry and size – best suited to individuals and small companies with an awareness of the property market. Due to our intentional small size, we have minimal overheads and so can provide complete investment transparency through personal communication of deal models and expected variables, supported by local experience.


Our Principles

Property investment is about acquiring sites with potential to add value, then planning how to achieve this by stress testing models before execution. We believe far more in numerical models than just refurbishment. There are no guarantees in this business and the market is unpredictable in the short term – as such, we look to produce what the largest market demands in any period. We repeat our practise and improve, guided always by our basic principles in the search of downside protection firstly and consistent profits secondly.


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